Østfold preparing for World Cup festivity

Østfold will once again host  the world’s best orienteers. In the period 26th -30th of April, the World Cup races will be held in Våler. Simultaneously, everyone can take part in the Østfold O-Weekend, where at least a couple of thousand orienteers are expected. This year’s first issue of Veivalg is on its way to the subscribers, but here you can read an appetizer story about Østfold O-Weekend and World Cup in the last weekend of April.

The races will be televised in many countries, and the maps are neighbouring the area where the WOC was held in 2019. The arena is located at the go-kart track in Våler. Here the organisers have a nice event centre for all three competition days.

Østfold Energi will be the main sponsor, they also took part in WOC 2019. The organising clubs are OK Moss and Indre Østfold OK in collaboration with NOF.

Participants from 30 nations are expected for the World Cup, and 2,000 participants are expected in the spectator races, which are the traditional Lørdagskjappen and Smaaleneneløpet, organised by OK Moss and Indre Østfold OK respectively. To carry out the event, 400 volunteers are required, and the event centre will be in Sarpsborg just as it was during WOC 2019.

-Only four years after the WOC, we are back with the World Cup. We look forward to once again demonstrating why Østfold is so well suited for orienteering. It is a great pleasure for us to have Østfold Energi on the team, say Morten Breimo in OK Moss and Sigmund Vister in Indre Østfold OK. Both are part of the event committee for.


Orienteering has risen as a TV sport growing in popularity. The World Cup last weekend in April is televised live on NRK in addition to several other channels. Norway's national team coach Anders Nordberg confirms that they are sending a full World Cup squad. This means 17 runners, eight of women and nine men. Kasper Fosser receives a wild card for being the reigning World Cup holder. There are great expectations towards the Norwegian team, especially the duels against the Swedes, who in recent years have been the world's best orienteering nation.


- We will give the Swedes a fight all the way to the finish line, and the ambition for us to be the best nation at home, Nordberg says.

The live broadcast can be found her.


Kasper Fosser is a particularly interesting name, not only because he is the world’s best orienteer, but just as much because of his local connection. His grandfather Per Fosser, who has been a key to Kasper’s development, comes from Indre Østfold. He became WOC relay champion in the Norwegian team in 1970.

Kasper is very familiar with this type of terrain. He made an enormous race in the WOC 2019 long-distance when he finished runner up to Olav Lundanes and grabbed the silver medal. Back then Kasper Fosser was still mostly competing in the junior classes.

-It will be incredibly fun to come back to Østfold to run the World Cup. I am going to prioritise all the World Cup rounds in 2023, Fosser says. He will have to deal with being the favourite, given that he stays healthy and keeps up in the training.

Kick off Østfold O-weekend at Østfold Energi

Joining the team is Østfold Energi as the main sponsor. The power company was one of the main sponsors partners for WOC 2019 as well.

When world-class sporting events find our region, we want to contribute to make this possible, says Hege Håkonsen, HR and society director at Østfold Energi.

The World Cup and the Norwegian Junior League, will be able to follow on the big screen at the arena. Lørdagskjappen was also held at the same arena a few years ago.

Check out the forrest

See what you will experience when you are coming to Østfold 2023

We thank Viken Skog for their support to our event. We have common interest to keep the forest in Viken healthy.


Vi takker Viken Skog for deres støtte til vårt arrangement. Vi har felles interesse i å ta vare på skogen i Viken.  

We thank the municipality of Våler for the support to our event. We will make sure that everybody knows that it is the beautiful forest of Våler they are running in. We hope that we will see mayor of Våler Reidar Kaabbel in April.


Vi takker Våler Kommune for støtten til vårt arrangement. Vi vil gjøre det klart for alle som deltar at det er de vakre skogene i Våler de løper i. Vi håper å få se ordføreren i Våler Reidar Kaabbel i løpet konkurransedagene i april.

Support from Sparebank 1 Østfold Akershus

We highly appreciate the support we received from Sparebank 1 Østfold Akershus. The support will help us to arrange a perfect orienteering event in the forest of Østfold in April 2023


Tilskudd fra Sparebank 1 Østfold Akershus

Vi setter sterkt pris på støtten vi fikk fra Sparebank 1 Østfold Akershus. Tilskuddet vil hjelpe oss med å arrangere et perfekt orienteringsarrangement i skogene i Østfold i April 2023.


Support from Viken Fylkeskommune

We much appreciate the support that we received from Viken Fylkeskommune. The cooperation between public offices, private business and volunteer work performed by the clubs makes it possible to arrange large sports events like the Østfold O-weekend.

See you all in April 2023.

Tilskudd fra Viken Fylkeskommune

Vi takker Viken Fylkeskommune for støtte til Østfold O-weekend med World Cup. Samarbeidet mellom offentlig, privat og dugnadsarbeidet utført av idrettslag gjør det mulig å gjennomføre slike store idrettsarrangement som Østfold O-Weekend.

Vi ses i april 2023.

Promation video 2

Looking forward to see Tove Alexandersson and Gurstav Bergman at Østfold O-weekend and World Cup 2023

Promotion video 1

Looking forward to see Kasper Harlem Fosser and Simona Aebersold at Østfold O-weekend and World Cup 2023



Flyer for Østfold O-Weekend is ready for use.